Measuring Ring Size

At ALTA, we use the US/Canada ring size for our jewellery. There are many ways to measure your ring size. You may measure it by using any of the methods below, which you find most convenient! 

Before measuring your ring size, please take note of the following:

  • Measure your finger when it is at its 'normal' size, meaning not after strenuous physical activity or alcohol consumption, which might cause your finger to swell slightly, or at cold places, which might cause your finger to become a little slimmer, etc.
  • Make sure your existing ring/string is a snug fit when measuring
  • Remember to measure your ring size on the finger you wish to wear the ring on
  • If you have larger knuckles, you might want to measure around the size of the knuckle instead, to ensure that the ring can fit over your knuckles

Method 1: Using an existing ring

If you have an existing ring, this would be a quick and fuss-free method of measuring your ring size. 

Step 1: Take an existing ring that fits nicely on your finger. Note that you should be using a ring that fits the same finger that you wish to wear your new ring on! 

Step 2: Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the inside diameter (in mm) of your existing ring (refer to diagram below).

Step 3: Compare the measurement against the ring size chart at the end of this page. Look at the "Ring Inner Diameter, mm" column and find the corresponding US ring size. 


Method 2: Tying a string or wrapping a strip of paper around your finger 

If you do not have an existing ring, you may manually find out your ring size. To do this, you need the following material:

  • A piece of string or a slip of paper
  • A thin marker
  • A measuring tape or ruler

Step 1: Using the string or slip of paper, wrap your intended ring finger snugly. 

Step 2: Using the marker, make a marking at the point where the string or paper meets, when wrapped around your finger.

Step 3: Unravel the string or paper, and place it against a ruler or measuring tape. Ensure that it is placed straight on a flat surface before reading your measurement. 

Step 4: Measure the distance between the markings to get your finger circumference (mm). Then, scroll to the end of this page to the ring size chart. Look at the "Finger circumference, mm" column and find the corresponding US ring size. 

Method 3: Visit a jewellery shop

If there is a jewellery shop in your vicinity that is accessible to you, simply pop in to get your US ring size. 


Ring Size Chart


  • If your ring size is in between sizes, pick the one that is closer to your measurement. For example, if your finger circumference is 51.6mm, choose size 6 instead of size 5.5.
  • If your ring size is not within this chart range and you would like to purchase a ring from us, please drop us an email or contact us via our contact form 
  • Most of our ring sizes come in half-sizes, but certain designs might only be available in whole sizing.