Our Story

Luxury Redefined

ALTA, which means "High" in Spanish, is a reflection of our love for sustainable and high quality goods, and a belief that such items can be made accessible to all.

At ALTA, we curate high quality bags and jewellery, which are tailored for the modern and sophisticated woman. When curating and designing these products, we pay careful attention to every detail.

Every item sold at ALTA is carefully curated with the following in mind: 

    • Quality: We only curate items that are of high quality, with immaculate trimmings and finishings, and which pass our stringent quality control process.
    • Durability: Our items are made to last - beyond the daily wear and tear, they stand the test of time - so you can enjoy them for a long time. 
    • Style: Modern, sleek, elegant and sophisticated - we focus on what's trendy but don't let go of what's timeless.
    • Sustainability: We strive to minimise wastage of resources by adopting a made-to-order model and only working with factories that produce ethically sourced goods. 
    • Affordability: Our items are fairly priced to ensure that you can enjoy good quality purchases sans the luxury markup. We assure you that you will not get the same quality at our pricing elsewhere.
Redefine luxury and begin your ALTA journey with us today!